Tips on how to spend the 15th August in Malta

If you?re visiting Malta for the first time you might find yourself wondering ?Why are most of the establishments closed on the 15th August, and how can you celebrate the public holiday like a local?’

Well you can find your answer here ?

As the majority of Malta?s population is Catholic, they observe the Feast of the Assumption of Mary every August 15th as a public holiday. This is mainly a religious feast and is celebrated in more than 5 villages across Malta.

One of the most popular celebrations used during this feast is the colourful and vibrant fireworks which each village prepares. For anyone touring Malta during the Feast of the Assumption, it is important to note that from Marina Club VW?s spectacular views you could opt for a front-row seat enjoying multiple firework programs. Whilst enjoying a fantastic colourful show you will be able to dine at the water’s edge and sip calmly one of your favourite wines.

Marina Club VW

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