The All-Time Top 5 Summer Cocktails!

Keeping hydrated is the number 1 rule for Summer, so why not sip a cocktail or two whilst enjoying the enchanting views visible at The?Valletta Waterfront.


Favourite No. 5 ?-?The Classic Spritz

Imagine your self ?sitting down in a bar situated in a quaint Italian street sipping a refreshing cocktail at the aperitifo hour. Whilst drinking your Aperol Spritz its easy together lost in the memories of your?latest holiday and maybe, who knows, it will bring out the spontaneity in you and book a short trip to visit one of the Italian picturesque cities next…

Aperol Spritz at VW Marina Club Steakhouse & Grill
Aperol Spritz

Favourite No.4 – The French 75

If Italy is not the city for you, then maybe France suits your likings better. The French cocktail is the bubbly drink that freshens your throat, yet gives you a hint of a sweetness.?With a hint of simple syrup and lemon juice this cocktail?is just the perfect french touch to a night out with your girls.

The French 75 Cocktail at VW Marina Club Steakhouse & Grill
French 75

Favourite No.3 – The Frozen Margarita

Think Fresh Fruit. Think Sorbet. Think Tequila.?All 3?ingredients?remind us of a good summer night surrounded by friends, and liquor. That?is what the Frozen Margarita is made of! And essentially why this cocktail?made its way?to the top three picks.

Frozen Margarita by Tim Nusog VW Marina Club Steakhouse & Grill
Frozen Margarita

Favourite No.2 – The Classic Mojito

It is an all-time favourite, loved by hipsters, trend-setters, low-key liquor lovers and even oldies.?Whether you admit it or not the Mojito is the drink we all have sipped one too many of… Sorry-not-sorry!

Classic Mojito Cocktail at VW Marina Club Steakhouse & Grill
Classic Mojito

All-time Favourite Cocktail ?NO. 1 – Negroni

Nothing says aperitif like a perfectly done Negroni. This cocktail has made its way back to our lives for the last decade or-so.?Made with Campari the?Negroni offers?the perfect Italian combination of bitter-sweet,?best?enjoyed while relaxing on a hot Summer afternoon.

Neogrni - by The Spruce at VW Marina Club Steakhouse & Grill
Negroni by The Spruce

Book your table to enjoy the all-time classic cocktails whilst nibbling on some scrumptious starters or just before a delicious rib-eye for dinner.
Make some new memories this Summer at Marina Club VW.


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