Let’s keep eating by the beautiful seashore!

One of the most relaxing things about dining at our restaurant is that, you can have your favourite meal overlooking the sea. But! Did you know that our beautiful sea is in danger? What?s the danger?! Plastic Waste.?

Read this. When we are sitting down, waiting for the waiter to place the meal we?ve order on the table, we rarely STOP to think about how many things are needed to be done in order for us to receive that one meal. We, think even less about the waste generated to consume that meal! (It?s ok, we all enjoy our down-time but we?d like to shed some light on this important issue today)

Hear the facts.?

  1. According to the latest EU statistics, an average person consumes 647kgs of waste.?
  2. Approximately we consume about 150,000 plastic bottles every year.
  3. And only 10% of the plastic consumed is recycled locally!

This means, that if we continue ignoring the waste consumed, we will lose sight of our beautiful sea at some point! These alarming facts where the argument that was discussed during one of our staff meetings and this is what we?ve realised. We understood that we can make a difference by changing some of our individual life choices, but also as a food establishment.?

Because we care about our beautiful sea and the environment in general we have been reducing the usage of plastic in all the packaging that comes with everything that we need to buy for our daily operations.?

In real terms this means that we are:?

  • Opting for stainless steel containers, rather than plastic
  • Giving you a paper cup when you order a cappuccino to-go?
  • Enforcing the paperless ordering system
  • Not using plastic stirrers, bibs and utensils
  • Not using any plastic containers to set up your table but we?re opting for glass instead
  • Enforcing the recycling system for all the plastic items we can?t do without

This approach has been an eye opener for us, and we hope that by sharing this with you, you start thinking before asking for a plastic bag, or a plastic cup.?

We are still learning about how we can diminish the negative impact on our environment, as it has been quite a learning curve for all of us. Having said that, we will start sharing our new initiatives with you, so that when you sit down, order your food and relax at our restaurant you can keep enjoying the sight of our beautiful sea.?

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