All You Need to Know About Different Kinds of Meat

All You Need to Know About Different Kinds of Meat

With the delicious top-quality food and excellent service, it?s no surprise that so many people love to eat out at restaurants in Malta. One of the favourite sections on restaurant menus is always the meat section, so it?s useful to know a bit about the different kinds of meat available.

Most restaurants, including Marina Club, offer a wide variety of delicious meat dishes with both white and red meat. Here?s some information about the different kinds of meat and the differences between them:

Red or White – Which Meat is Which?
For starters, it?s good to know which meat classifies as red or white. Generally, red meat is red in raw form and is darker in colour. It typically includes the meat of most adult mammals, such as beef, lamb and pork (even though pork appears light in colour). White meat is light-coloured and includes meat like fish, poultry and seafood.

There are, however, some exceptions within these categories. Tuna, for example, is classified as red meat when raw, but it turns white when cooked. Similarly, certain types of poultry which are classified as white meat, like goose and duck, are actually red when raw.

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty
Of course, even though meat is classified by its colour, there are lots of other differences, such as the nutritional value and difference in flavour.

Red meat is generally more flavourful than white meat, and it is also rich in B-vitamins, iron, zinc and phosphorous, as well as being the best source of a powerful antioxidant called ?alpha lipoic acid?.

Having said that, it also has a higher fat content and is higher in cholesterol. White meat, while blander in taste, contains less fat and calories than red meat. Both different kinds of meat have their health benefits, but it is advised that both are taken within moderation and are equally balanced out with other foods.

Doing Things Right
A huge factor that determines how much you?ll enjoy your meal is the way it?s cooked and served. Everyone has their own preferences, of course, and Marina Club guarantees to satisfy your taste buds and give you exactly what you ask for in the best way possible. Also check out this blog post to find out about how to choose the right wine to complement your meal.

So if you love good food and are looking to enjoy a great dining experience – and perhaps a relaxing stroll along the Valletta Waterfront ? check out our menu and click here to book your reservation today.

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