Buh Bye Summer! Hello WINTER ??

As Autumn strikes, the hot and sweaty Summer days become simply a mere collection of memories and, we all start thinking of getting out our more cosy winter clothes. Although weekends at the beach will become less and less frequent and we start adapting once again to our Winter routines, there is no need to stop the F.U.N.

With a new season on the horizon, we wanted to feature a couple of signature dishes who are just shouting out your name to try them out!


As we have occasionally mentioned, we take pride in sourcing our food locally whenever it is possible. As you might imagine, this policy can be quite challenging to maintain especially because it limits your variety at times! However, we are not ones to back out from a challenge, hence we put our green hats from time to time and try to find new food combinations that will not only be tasteful but also nutritious and good for your body!









2. MEET. MEAT (You see what we did there)

Anyways! Signature dish number TWO… (Drum roll please)
SHORT RIB. It’s ok if you’ve never heard of it, only few of us actually did but it’s an exquisite cut of meat which takes 2 days to prepare but, all the waiting pays off when you bite into your short rib!


So, we’ve covered one signature winter starter, a unique main course… hence, it’s time now for DESSERT!









Who doesn’t love a warm brownie with a side of ice-cream ? Huh! It’s the dessert that makes children and adults likewise excited about the final plate of the evening.

So, just before you start thinking about your Summer blues, make sure that you think about what’s in it for you this Winter!


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