5 Reasons to Choose Marina Club VW for your Christmas Party

Very soon you will start being bombarded with leaflets, emails and social media posts about staff parties. And let’s face it, December is the month where we all tend to enjoy a couple of drinks with our colleagues, business partners and suppliers. After a year of hard work and dedication towards your company, everyone looks forward to put away their professional hats and unwind in good company.

Marina Club VW is offering you the opportunity to book your staff party well in advance this year, and create an event that will be remembered.

The following are the top 5 reasons why you should entrust Marina Club VW for this year’s event

1. Varied Menus

If you’ve planned the Annual Christmas party before, you know the struggle in finding a good menu which satisfies everyone’s appetite, dietary requirements, intolerances etc. With these?menu?options you are sure to find something that fits your bill. With a mix of finger-licking good bites and nibbles, and main course dishes to die for varying from poultry, beef and fish, you are sure to ?score high marks with your attendees.

2. ?Drinking Options

Let’s face it, it’s a real bugger when you attend an event and you have to pay for your own drinks or the drinks included are a limited selection which your invitees won’t really enjoy. For this reason, we have created 3 different beverage packages which will get you out of your seat and ring our restaurant in a gif. Wine connoisseurs, whiskey lovers and anyone in between will be equally happy to know you have thought about their likings and are all covered in the same package.

3. ??Ambience

Yes. Smoking is bad for you but nonetheless there are a bunch of us who still smoke and would be dying to go outside, stretch your legs, sip your wine and smoke in between courses. Others will want to wander around in between tables and chat to their best buddies. The open plan layout the restaurant offers is ideal for these eventualities, because whether you opt for the indoors, or outdoors we can transform the venue in an ideal one for all your attendees.

4. ? ?Standing Party

Not everyone loves a sit down meal, we are well aware that there are groups who prefer a standing event with waiter service and an open bar. If your clan happens to fall under this category of people we have you sorted out. We have created a customised plan for you, an open bar package and finger-food selection which will still fill your tummies and cater for diverse dietary requirements.

5. ? Customisability?

This last point is a crucial bonus for all those who love going that extra mile, to show their staff and general attendees that they are appreciated. Depending on what kind of vibe you want to create during your event, we can spice it up and get a DJ on the night, or a professional photographer…We can even create customised menus with your company logos, and personalised place cards on the tables in case you opt for a sit down meal. We want you to take ownership of the one day you can really unwind freely with your clan and enjoy every moment of it. So in case you have something in mind that you have been dying to do, reach out and we will try our best to assist you.

I think by now, you have grasped a clear picture of why Marina Club VW is the venue you have been patiently looking for!
Get in touch with our team, we look forward to create special memorable moments together with you.

Marina Club VW

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