3 ideas for a simple romantic night

The 14th February, is highly anticipated day by many around the world. Some love this day and go out of their way to show the ones they love, that there is someone who cares about them. Whereas others, the ones who find it hard to show their love and affection, might be stressing out because even though they care, they lack the words or romantic flair.

Whether you form part of the hopeless romantics or not, these are a couple of ideas, of how you can spend your evening this Valentine’s Day.

  1. A romantic stroll

    In this busy life sometimes we just forget that the best things in life are the simple ones. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful country surrounded by breath-taking views if only, we manage to stop and look carefully. How long has it been since you’ve taken a walk with your favourite person in the world? Why don’t you talk a walk around the Valletta shore? Starting from Floriana ending at Valletta Waterfront.
  2. Dinner for two

    Our social life tends to take over all of our weekends and leave days. Is this your case? A simple dinner for two is maybe what you need to catch up on all the things you’ve missed to say or listen to, throughout the past few weeks. And there’s the fact that our dinner menu is just finger-licking-good.
  3. Netflix & Chill

    In case you’re on a low budget for this year you can always transform your living room into a romantic setting. A couple of cosy blankets, flowers, candles and a good TV Series will do the trick. Don’t worry about the fact you don’t know how to cook! You can order take out from Marina Club VW and be sure to score high marks with your loved one.

So there’s no excuse that this year you didn’t have time to plan or didn’t know what to plan. These are 3 simple ideas you can easily whip up to spend a romantic night with your loved one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Marina Club VW

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