Our Menu

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(Mu) – mustard; (CE) – celery; (SS) – sesame seeds; (G) – gluten; (D) – dairy; (N) – nuts; (E) – Egg; (SH) – shellfish; (F) – fish; (M) – Molluscs

Boards to Share

Cheese Board


Selection of 4 cheeses accompanied with water biscuits, grissini, honey, green olives and mango chutney. (G)(D)



In house cured meats served with water biscuits, grissini, figs in brandy, baby gherkins and green olives. (G)(D)

Fish Board


Black mussels, salmon and tuna skewers, deep fried calamari and prawns. (F)(G)(D)(E)

Maltese Board


Ġbejniet, sun-dried tomato, olives, bigilla, Marinated tomato spread, bread aioli, pickled onions, grilled in house Maltese sausage & bread (G)(D)


Lamb Meatballs


Spiced lamb meat balls cooked in tomato sauce, served with tzaziki. (D)

In-House Pork Sausages


Caramelised fennel and aniseed, chorizo, and garlic, served with pickled onions.

Beef Carpaccio


Raw beef tenderloin, sliced paper-thin, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, finished off with Grana and thinly sliced onions. (D)

Bowl of Mussels


Fresh black mussels, cooked with parsley, white wine and garlic. (SF)

Fritto Misto


Floured and deep-fried water prawns and calamari tossed in garlic oil, parsley, served with smoky tartar. (F)(G)(E)

Ricotta and Tuna Fritters


Ricotta, breadcrumbs, tuna, mint, lemon zest and romesco sauce. (G)(D)(F)(N)

Tuna Carpaccio


Raw tuna slices, rucola, olive oil, lemon juice and zest. (F)

Fish chowder


A smooth, creamy soup with salmon, mixed shellfish and potatoes. (F)(SH)(G)(D)

Fried local cheese


Deep-fried breaded cheese, served on a bed of salad and red onion jam. (G)(E)(D)


Quinoa Salad with Chicken


Tender grilled chicken strips, set on cold quinoa salad with figs, dried apricots and feta cheese. (D)

Grilled Beef Salad


Grilled beef served medium, dressed with spicy tomato salsa. (MU)

Chicken Caesar Salad


Fresh crispy lettuce, topped with grated parmesan cheese, bacon lardons, croutons and home-made Caesar dressing, topped with chunky strips of

Baked Salmon Salad


Tossed mixed lettuce, orange and grain mustard vinaigrette, honey roasted cashew nuts. (F)(MU)(N)

La Caprese


Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, plum tomatoes and basil, dressed with olive oil. (D)

Pasta Dishes

Penne Norma


Penne tossed in tomato sauce, basil, aubergine and ricotta salata. (G)(D)

Rigatoni Ragout


Baked Rigatoni with slow cooked beef ragout. (G)

Lemon Chicken Linguine


Linguine, lemon, chicken and hazelnut crumbs. (G)(D)(N)

Rabbit Tagliatelle


Tagliatelle with star anise flavoured pulled rabbit stew, topped with grana shavings. (G)(D)

Mushroom Risotto


Carnaroli risotto with mushrooms and cream of truffle. (G)(D)

Fish Ravioli


Ravioli tossed in fish velouté. (G)(E)(D)(F)

Paccheri red Crab


Paccheri with red crab and saffron cream. (G)(D)(SH)

Linguine Seafood


Linguine pasta tossed in garlic, fresh herbs, prawns, clams and mussels. (SH(G)

Main Courses

Pork Ribs – Full rack


Barbecue glazed baby pork ribs with cabbage and mustard slaw.



Lamb shank flavoured with garlic and Paprika, chickpea and cured pork leg stew and gravy. (G)(D)



Pan fried duck breast, duck leg roulade, accompanied by a spiced carrot puree, caramelised onion potato cake and pan jus. (G)(D)



Scallops of veal, pan fried served with lemon sauce (G)

Beef Short Rib


Jack Daniel’s flavoured beef short ribs, cabbage remoulade and chipotle mayonnaise. (D)(E)(M)



Corn fed chicken breast topped with mozzarella served on spring onion mash and marsala sauce. (D)(E)

Zuppa di Pesce


Fresh mussels, fresh clam, local prawns cooked in a fish broth with garlic, tomato, fresh herbs and bread crostini. (G)(SH)(F)



Black olives, tomatoes, white wine and fresh herbs. (F)



Salmon ‘en papillote’ with garlic, cherry tomatoes, herbs and white wine. (F)


Chicken burger


Grilled chicken thigh, flavoured with smoked paprika, crispy lettuce, mayo and tomato. (G)(D)(E)

Lamb Burger


In-house lamb patty, served on crispy lettuce, spicy tomato salsa and tzaziki dressing. (G)(D)

Cruzer Burger


In-house Beef burger, crispy lettuce, bacon chutney and onion rings. (G)(D)(E)

Marina Burger


In-house Beef burger, crispy lettuce, tomato, fried onion, melted cheddar cheese and garlic mayonnaise (G)(D)(E)

Gourmet Burger


In-house Beef burger, truffle mayo, mozzarella di Bufala Campana, crispy Parma ham and rocket leaves (G)(D)


Veal Chop 400grm


Beef Tagliata 300grm


NZ Beef Fillet Medallions 300grm


Young bull rib eye 380grm


Argentinian rib-eye 300grm


Side Dishes



Caffe De paris



Sweet potato fries


Mushroom sauce



Pepper sauce



Seasonal vegetables



Side salad


Roast potato


Kids Section

Fish fingers and chips



Nuggets and chips



Penne chicken and tomato sauce



Penne, cream & cheese



Medallions of beef fillet 100gr Chips & salad



Red Bull 25cl


Juice 33cl


Levico, Sparking water 35cl


Levico, Sparking water 70cl


Levico, Still water 35cl


Levico, Still water 75cl


Softdrink 33cl


Softdrink Pint 50cl



Bulmers 44cl


Guinness 44cl


Shandy 25cl


Budweiser 25cl


Heineken 25cl


Corona 35.5cl


Cisk Excel 50cl


Cisk Excel 25cl


Craft Beer


Draught Beer

Cisk Lager 30cl


Cisk Lager Pint 50cl


Red Wine

La Baume, Merlot


La Torre, Gellewza Merlot


White Wine

La Baume, Viognier


La Torre, Girgentina


Rose Wine

770 Miles Zinfandel


Sweet Wine/Port

Dolcé Vita – Marsovin, Malta


Grahams Port 20yr


Port Ruby



Single malts Whiskey 3cl, starting from


Digestifs / Liqueur 3cl


Aperitif 3cl


Whisky 3cl


Brandy 3cl


Spirits 3cl